Too Far To Swim

by Rosie May

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    I'm happy and yet sorry to announce that I have completely sold out of physical copies of Roof Over Our Heads and Too Far To Swim; thank you to everyone who bought one and supported my music! I'm sorry for any disappointment. You can still buy the digital album which is just as good except you can't cuddle it at night.

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"A concept record built around imagery of the sea, and the idea of a trans-Atlantic relationship, Too Far To Swim, has a folk-rock sound similar to that of Laura Marling.
These songs were made for each other, to work together, and they do so perfectly. They fit together in a cohesive way that many groups struggle to find."

- My Folking Heart

"A voice as beautiful as this, paired with faultless folk backdrop that you can dance, cry, and be inspired by is something rare and wonderful."

- AudioAddict Magazine

"Rosie May’s harmonies are faultless and transfixing; expect goosebumps, shivers and fits of anger that your voice will never sound that beautiful in that many different ways."

- God is in the TV

250 copies of 'Too Far To Swim' have been designed and screened printed by Patsy Giblett, aka my Mum!

Each digital download features bonus items of Too Far To Swim hi-res posters, photographed and designed by Zachary Hock.

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released August 4, 2012

Rosie May - vocals, guitar
Josh Law - bass
Albert Hockin - drums

All songs written by Rosie May, excluding The Water Is Wide; traditional folk song. All lyrics by Rosie May. Engineered, mixed and mastered in February/March 2012, by Jackson Dimiglio-Wood.



all rights reserved


Rosie May UK

My new EP 'Roof Over Our Heads' is now available for your ears!

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Track Name: This Shell Of Mine
Oh what should I do with this empty shell of mine
As empty as the hands that swing at my side
And what should I do with this watch here of mine
When reading the hands only seems to slow the time

And what should I be with so little left of me
When over there is you and all the rest of me
Well I could be the maid that wishes away the days
But time spent waiting isn't my time wasted

And what should I do when everything is cut
My heart may be halved by you but broken I am not
And what should be done when all I have is none
I will not crawl inside the shell I have become

And what should I do with this empty shell of mine?
Listen to it closely and hear it singing softly
Track Name: Odds & Oceans
Pray it isn't too far to swim
Over the ebbing waves
The tide takes its toll on the ones who deny it rolls

With your feet in the sand
Your last moment to stand
In the swell of never knowing her land
Before you an ocean
And too much devotion
To not swim for her hand

No one ever told you
How far it would be
And no one could have known
How vast the sea
Before you an ocean
And in this new notion
You run, jump in the sea

Overcome the odds and the oceans
And you might find what's worth swimming for
Track Name: Lost At Sea
I am lost at sea
Yet it carries me
Over to the shores I have longed to see
There is no North to South
On Ocean's mighty mouth
He'll navigate me fairly I have no doubt

Far from the woods I couldn't stand in
Far is that now foreign land

I am lost at sea
Yet it carries me
Far adrift I wander anciently
But give me not a sail
My arms will prevail
And to you I shall roll with the shadows of the whales

Far are the woods I long to stand in
Far is my dear foreign land
Where my lover waits on golden sands
He waits with open hands

And if you find my bones
Washed up on their own
Deserted on the sands I longed to know
Then I have met my grave
Beneath a hundred waves
So please don't keep me
Please don't, please don't keep me

Just throw me back in
Throw me back in
Throw me back in
To the waves

Throw me back in
Oh throw me back in
Back into the waves
My water grave
Track Name: The Water Is Wide
'Eat our heart out, Alison Krauss. We normally give preference to original material here at Fresh On The Net, but this famous traditional song (which even has its own Wikipedia entry) is just a killer, and this is simply the best rendition I’ve ever heard. Whoever Rosie May may be, she gets top marks for this astounding slice of close-harmony acapella.'

- Tom Robinson

The water is wide, I can-not get over
And neither have I, wings to fly
Give me a boat that can carry two
And both shall row, my love and I

A ship there is and she sails the seas
She's loaded deep, as deep can be
But not so deep as the love I'm in
And I know not how, to sink or swim